Master of Zoom 🤠 and Free Tickets 🎫 - Issue #13

Master of Zoom 🤠 and Free Tickets 🎫 - Issue #13
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Hi y'all 👋
What is your favorite music right now?
Mine is this 🔥 set by Joseph Ray.
Today’s issue includes:
🎥 Zoom Tricks
🤠 The Master of Online Meeting Facilitation
🎫 Free Tickets for My Friends and Fam

Running Zoom Meetings: Breakout Rooms, System Audio, and Artifacts
On Monday I hosted my first public office hour with ~10 participants.
Not all roses, but some bright lights.
My main takeaways 👇
#1 Breakout Rooms Add Magic
Breakout rooms allow you to split a zoom session into 50 separate rooms.
Example: 100 participants -> create 10 breakout rooms -> = 10 rooms a 10 participants.
Why do it?
  • Break up the monotonous flow of a presentation
  • Add an interactive element for the participants
  • Encourage participants to network and collaborate in smaller groups
People learn by doing and solidify their knowledge by sharing with others.
I should have done more breakout rooms.
I only did one. ☹️
#2 Music Eases the Mood
In Zoom you can also just share your audio.
Cool applications of music are:
  • When participants join at the beginning of the meeting
  • When participants return from breakout sessions
  • When participants are asked to ideate/work on a task on their own (example: set timer to 3 minutes and let music play in the background)
🚨 If you plan to record your session you have to make sure that you don’t infringe on anyone’s IP via playing copyrighted music.
My solution: play creative commons music libraries like Lofi Radio 24/7.
Shoutout to my mate Alberto for the pointer.
#3 Artifacts Add Value
At the end of the session I shared something that participants could take with them: my personal documentation for the session
It adds more context/information than could be discussed in 60 minutes + adds value.
It includes:
  • Detailed content outline of the presentation
  • Meeting cost calculator for remote teams
  • Links to further reading
  • Best practices for remote team meetings
  • Meeting preparation checklist
If you are interested, I’m happy to dive deeper into it in the coming weeks. 🤔
Bottomline: A couple of good learnings but much room for improvement.
I will continue doing public office hours. Stay tuned.
Here is my documentation about my Zoom learnings 👇
Art Lapinsch
How to Use Zoom? 🎥

Here my public documentation of:

💡 Useful Functions
🤯 Hidden Gems
⚡️ Shortcuts

This is a work-in-progress.
Please share your insights/workflows.

The Master of Online Meeting Facilitation
My shoutout this week goes to Cam (yes, that’s his actual name).
I’m lucky enough to have had a handful of sessions with Cam Houser - entrepreneur by day and uni professor by night.
During our sessions he shared some of his best insights:
  • ALF Technique (= audio/lighting/framing) for good video quality
  • PIBS Technique (= prompt/ideate/breakout/share) for good meeting facilitation
If you spend a lot of time in Zoom you should follow this man.
Here’s a sample of his work 👇
Presenting in Zoom: The 3 No's of Online Facilitation
Presenting in Zoom: The 3 No's of Online Facilitation
I learned most of the good Zoom stuff from him.
Also, he’s just an all-around good dude. 🤠
You Can Get Free Conference Tickets From Me
OnDeck is hosting a learning conference next week.
Some killer speakers sharing their knowledge in 3 tracks:
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Organizational Development
This is a link to the conference 👇
The On Deck Learning Conference 2021 - Jun 09 | Hopin
Tickets are usually $149 but since I’ll be speaking on Wednesday I have a friends & family discount.
🚨 Please send me an email if you want to attend and I’ll get you in for free. 🚨
Stay happy, stay healthy 🙌
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