The Creator Journey Begins 🛠️ - Issue #1

The Creator Journey Begins 🛠️ - Issue #1
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Hi everyone 👋
This issue marks a new chapter.
  1. I am working to become a full-time creator
  2. I switched from Mailchimp to Revue
  3. I started building and learning in public
More below 👇

I'm a Creator?!
In January I planned to take an open-ended sabbatical. It lasted about 5 weeks.
In February I started pursuing a new opportunity: Online Education
Click into this tweet if you want to see the full public documentation.
The course is online and there are 31 students who purchased the course.
The initial hypothesis is validated: there are people who would pay for my online courses.
Next goal: Becoming ramen profitable (~$1,000/mo)
Bottomline: I’m working to become a full-time creator
Goodbye Mailchimp, Hello Revue
Twitter is turning out to be an interesting platform:
  1. Reach: In Feb I generated 165k impressions on Twitter vs. 1.5k on my blog (in March so far: 94k impressions in 8 days)
  2. Creator-Focus: Twitter’s acquisition of Revue (newsletter tool) and their launch of Super Follow (audience monetization) and Spaces (drop-in audio channel) indicates that they are building a full-stack solution for creators
That means I’ll test Revue.
Kudos to Mailchimp! Their customer service team reached out when I was asking for migration advice from Mailchimp to Revue:
@artlapinsch Hey there! Is there anything we can help out with here?
It’s not you. It’s me.
Building and Learning in Public
What is building in public?
My friend Jesse - who is also a reader of this newsletter - wrote a great summary:
Jesse J. Anderson 🚢
It can be scary to build in public.

You are afraid your ideas will be stolen. You are afraid that you will look foolish. You don’t realize it, but have let fear take control of the steering wheel.

Don’t be driven by your fear.
My commitment is to build and learn in public for the coming weeks and months.
It’s an experiment that started in February and I’ve seen tremendous value:
  • Feedback: Generate more data points
  • Friendships: Connect with Internet friends with the same interest
  • Accountability: Motivate yourself via “public accountability”
Going forward I’ll use this newsletter as a vehicle to update you on my road to becoming a full-time creator.
This is square one.
Let’s go. 🙌
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